The American Racing League (shortened as A.R.L.) is where the American events in Race Driver: GRID take place.

A.R.L Rookie BadgeEdit

The first A.R.L Badge is unlocked after the first race in the GRID World mode. It is usually where the first events for the player are played. Half of the events are Pro Tuned/Classic + Pro Muscle in the Rookie Badge.

List of EventsEdit

  • Classic Muscle – Lucas Oil Bay Bridge Trophy
  • Stock Car – Michigan Demolition Derby
  • Pro Tuned – Cobra Pro Tuned Tour
  • Touring Cars – Quikshift DC Challenge
  • Pro Muscle – Dodge Motor City Cup
  • Club GT – Direzza Club Trophy

A.R.L Pro BadgeEdit

The second A.R.L badge is won after getting 80 000 reputation points through he previous league. There are more varied events compared to the first league. It is more world orientated because there is a open wheel and drift event which are more based in Europe and Japan.

List of EventsEdit

  • Pro Muscle – Ebay Motors Muscle Cup
  • GT1 – Ferodo S7 Speed Series
  • Open Wheel – Simpson F3 Shield
  • Drift Battle – Ecko Unltd US Drift Battle
  • Prestige – US Supercar Challenge
  • GT1 – Goodyear Continental GT

A.R.L National BadgeEdit

The longest and hardest events are in this badge. It takes 250 000 reputation points from the A.R.L Rookie and Pro Badge to unlock the National Badge. Compared to the previous 2 badges where there are 6 events, there are only 3 events.

List of EventsEdit

  • GT1 – Motul CCGT Series
  • Drift GP – Rotora Capitol Drift
  • Prototype – Tag Prototype Series

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