WARNING: this page contains content, which may spoil an aspect of the Race Driver series. If you do not want any hints, cheats or achievable detail, for the game, then do not read on. It is highly recommended that you only read this article if you have completed this aspect of the game or if you are extremely stuck.

Cheat Codes Edit

From the main GRID menu go to Options > Bonus Codes > Enter Code and enter the bonus Code in the space onscreen.

Code - Unlocks

TUN58396 - All drift cars

MUS59279 - All Pro Muscle and Classic Muscle cars

F93857372 - BMW 320si with a Buchbinder livery

M38572343 - Pagani Zonda R with a Micromania livery

P47203845 - Aston Martin DBR9 with a livery

G29782655 - BMW 320si with a Gamestation livery

Unlockables Edit

Ninja Difficulty Edit

To unlock Ninja Difficulty, beat the global racing league head-to-head challenge with Ravenwest.

All Cheats Edit

Complete all the global events in 1st place to unlock the final Head 2 Head with Ravenwest. After winning this final race you will unlock all the cheats. To activate, go to Main Menu> Options > Bonus Codes. From there, select the cheats you wish to activate.

Unlock Gamer Picture Edit

Unlock the Grid gamer picture by winning all event trophies and head to head races.