J-Speed is the Japanese league in the GRID World mode. Its events take place in Japan only, in Shibuya Square, Yokohama Docks, Okutama Circuit, and Mount Haruna. Events are commonly Pro Tuned, Drift, and Touge.

J-Speed RookieEdit

The league is unlock after finishing the first event in the GRID World mode. There are a total of 3 Pro Tuned events in this league. The Nissan Skyling GT-R Z-Tuned is highly recemmened for purchasing for use in this league.

List of EventsEdit

  • Pro Touge – Champion Touge Shield
  • Drift GP – Avo Turboworld Drift GP
  • Freestyle Drift – HKS Freestyle Drift
  • Pro Tuned – Jun Street Series
  • Pro Touge – Viper Vs Skyline Challenge
  • Pro Tuned – Nissan Cup

J-Speed Super TwoEdit

J-Speed Super Two is unlcoked after getting 80 000 reputation points in J-Speed Rookie. It is, as before, before based on Touge, Drift, and Pro Tuned. There is the only GT2 event in the league in all of GRID World.

List of EventsEdit

  • Downhill Drift – Downhill Drift Festival
  • Pro Tuned – Falken Super Street
  • Pro Tuned – Toda Racing Challenge
  • Midnight Touge – NOS Midnight Touge
  • GT2 – Valvoline Trophy
  • Drift Battle – Remus Drift Battle

J-Speed Super OneEdit

The final J-Speed league is unlocked after getting 250 000 reputation points from the previous 2 J-Speed Leagues. Like the A.R.L National Badge, there are only 3 events. They are the longest and the hardest as well.

List Of EventsEdit

  • Drift GP – Driftbox Championship
  • GT1 – Volk GT Series
  • Prototype – Vertex Prototype Championship

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