Template:Infobox VG Race Driver: Create and Race, also known as V8 Supercars 3: Create and Race, is a racing game for the Nintendo DS developed by Firebrand Games published by Codemasters and first released on the 25th of september.


World Tour Mode- In which the person races through a series of touring-car races from across the world. Reward points are gained to buy items such as extra championships, new challenges, cheats, track designer parts and customization parts in the Rewards shop.

Pro Tour Mode- A harder version of World Tour mode, in which the other drivers are more skilled and damage is more relistic.

Simulation- This mode contains Free race, Time trial and Challenge mode.

Track Designer- An innovative part of the game in which players create their own race track and can race it in Multiplayer championships.


IGN: 8.2 out of 10[1]</br> Cubed3: 9 out of 10[2]</br> GameZone: 8.4 out of 10[3]</br> Eurogamer: 8 out of 10[4]</br> Pocket Gamer: 8 out of 10[5]</br> HYPER>> magazine: 79 out of 100

At christmas in 2007 the game was in IGN's buyers guide for the DS which it was one of ten titles in no particular order but was the only racing game. Eurogamer's top 12 DS games for christmas included Race Driver as well as being the only racing game on the list.[6][7]

The game was IGN's racing game of the year for the DS[8]

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